Peaceful Sports Fans


Can you imagine living in a world where everybody involved in any kind of sport completely respected one another and cared for each other. People would say that that is some type of a dream and it will never happen. Yet, did you know that there are ancient prophecies describing what the conditions on Earth will be like in the not-too-distant future. These conditions are what all healthy and normal people would like for themselves, their friends and their family. It only makes sense since the author of these prophecies is also the creator of the heavens and the Earth.

Our good friends who provide a great Scottsdale Limo Service, tell us of how many times they take sports fans to games in Phoenix AZ. They tell of how upset the fans are at the outcome of the game and some are in violent moods. They say they are sometimes afraid the clients will do some damage to their limos. They would really appreciate peaceful fans!

All too often in the world we currently live in sports fans at all types of sporting events have been fighting with one another because their team either won or lost. We also see it in the National Hockey League, where there is an abundance of fighting going on on the ice during the game. It seems fans may base their decision on who they like best based upon how well they can fight on the ice rink.  What kind of a message does this send to our children?  Is this a healthy way to live peacefully in our world?  It seems anybody with an honest heart would say that violence is not healthy and not good. Yet just as in the ancient Roman days at the Coliseum large crowds gather together today to watch men battle it out in some kind of a match or game. Yes, in these days and times these matches are not to the death like they were with the Gladiators of ancient Rome but they are still being oftentimes filled with violence and conflict.stadium

Look at the modern sport of boxing.  Used to be that the fighters wore heavily padded boxing gloves. Today with the MMA that padding has been removed and almost anything goes during the fight. The sport of boxing has gotten much more violent. It is more bloody and graphic and this influences peoples behavior for the worse.

And people flock to watch these battles. Not only do people visit and pay money the see live matches and games such as hockey, soccer etc but our children are being taught how to be violent through the many and varied video games that promote killing, fighting and Carnage. It does not stop there with those negative things but they also contain much in the way of pornography and dishonesty in the form of stealing, lying and cheating. Clearly. this is not healthy for society but these activities are flourishing.

When will it stop? Will it ever stop? We will take a look at that in upcoming articles. They will be based on ancient prophecies we are seeing fulfilled in our times. They are positive and full of hope for people who truly want a peaceful and kind world.