Arizona Coyotes

Chandler and Phoenix SportsThe Arizona Coyotes are based in Glendale outside of Phoenix Arizona. The main owner is a gentleman named Andrew Barroway and they used to play in downtown Phoenix before they relocated to Glendale where they often play in The Gila River Arena. The coyotes were originally from Canada called the Winnipeg Jets between roughly the 1970s through the 1990s. It’s amazing that they now are in the middle of the desert when they used to be in the middle of the ice. Canada is not exactly a warm country when it comes to weather, please.

Sometimes there are hockey games throughout the Phoenix suburbs such as Chandler and Gilbert and even Mesa. Hockey fans can then reduce the travel time to see a game and hopefully experience a wonderful time watching those Fierce competitors on the ice. Some of their players were actually Hall of Famers. Mike Gartner was inducted in 2001 having played between 1996 and 1998. Brett Hall was inducted in 2009. Currently, they are doing pretty well was some serious scoring players. Shane Doan has accumulated 972 points throughout his career with points per game ratio of 0.63. Bobby Hull is a Powerhouse with a points per game ratio of 1.51 but the highest currently is Ulf Nilsson with a games per point ratio of 1.61.

The teams history has not always been financially sound. As a matter of fact in 2009 there was a bankruptcy and they attempted and tried their best to try to sell the team. It became known in 2008 that the coyotes were not making much money and we’re actually losing money. They were really suffering heavy losses and the National Hockey League was actually paying their bills which obviously couldn’t continue long-term.

In 2013 the Glendale City Council approved a very nice lease agreement with Renaissance Sports which was going to last 15 years. Renaissance Sports would also purchase the team from the National Hockey League for 225 million dollars by the Year 2013. This basically saved the coyotes. Because how long could the NHL continue to cover their losses?

So in 2014 on January 29th the group that now owns them change the name to Arizona Coyotes to begin with the 2014-2015 hockey season. This is great because I live in Phoenix so calling the Arizona Coyotes team spirit and support to the whole state.

After the 24 team 2015 season, they had the second-worst record in the National Hockey League. So the team replaced the general manager Maloney with a new general manager John Chayka and he was at that time the NHL’s youngest general manager. He was promoted to his position within the coyote’s staff. Another notable feature and unique event was at the Arizona Coyotes hired the first full-time female skating coach in the history of the National Hockey League.

Hockey Near Chandler?

Almost in 2016 was that the coyotes tried to build a new Arena or stadium in Tempe. This, however, did not happen because ASU pulled out of the deal and so they lost a major source of funding much to the Chagrin of Chandler and Tempe residence. The original investor Barroway bought the rest of the ownership of the Coyotes from the group and is now the only owner.

Hopefully the future of the Coyotes is bright and we hope that they may find a way to build a stadium more south, perhaps in Chandler so more sports fans in the south east valley of Phoenix don’t have so far to travel.


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